Easy Wedding Guest List Template

Guest List Template for Easy Wedding Planning

Guest lists are one of the biggest stress points for a wedding. An organized guest list template can keep you on track. How many guests you invite will determine a lot of other planning, like the venue size and catering counts. Follow these tips for easy guest list planning.

Getting Started

So you're engaged. You and your fiance may be wondering "where do we start?"

Write down all of the names of everyone you would like to see when you walk down the aisle.

Then, consult your families.

This is a very important step. Depending on your situation, parents have expectations about who is invited to your wedding. Especially if they are paying. Discuss these expectations from the start to avoid future conflict.

Targeting Your Guest List

The initial guest list is probably long. Most likely too long. It is safe to assume that 20% of your guest list will not be able to attend. For a small wedding of 50 guests, you can safely invite 60 guests. Larger weddings of 200+ guests have a much larger guest list at the start.

Now is the time to put your logic hat on. Be realistic when determining your target number of guests to invite. Consider all of these factors:

  • Out of town guests may be less likely to attend.
  • Don't forget about children - they will be included in your guest count.
  • For single guests, determine whether you would like to extend a +1 invitation.
  • Remember how many guests your budget can handle.

Now that you have your very long initial guest list and the target number of guests to invite, it's time to start narrowing down your list.

The Stoplight Method

Deciding who gets "voted off the island" of your guest list is hard. Like really hard. You may have arguments with your fiance or your parents. Just remember, your wedding is a day to share with the people you love.

The Stoplight Method is an easy way to help you narrow down your guest list in an objective way. Categorizing guests based on your relationships can help identify where you need to draw the line.

Review your guest list with your fiance and assign each guest one of the following categories:

  • Family
  • Wedding Party
  • Close Friend
  • Friend
  • Work
  • Acquaintance

Green Means Go!

Those guests who fall into the green category (family, wedding party and close friends) are the people you can't imagine your wedding day without. They absolutely must be there. Everyone in green should stay on your guest list no matter the consequences. Use the total number of green guests as your baseline against your target guest count.

Yellow Mellow

Guests in yellow (friends and coworkers) may not absolutely need to be included on your wedding day. Some extended family members may also fall into the yellow category. Discuss these yellow guests with your fiance and family. Consider your target guest count.

Stop at Red

Categorizing a guest in red means they really don't need to be at your wedding. Of course, if your budget can sustain a few more guests, you are welcome to invite them as well.

Guest List Template

Need help organizing your guest list? Not to worry! The Delightful Details' Guest List Template makes it easy to gather your guest list, assign categories and review your target guest counts.

Guest Count in the Guest List Template compiles the total number of guests that have responded Yes or No for events, and how many guests are invited within each category.

The Guest List Template easily organizes all of your guests and helps you assign categories.

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Do you have a preferred method for your guest list? Share it in the comments!