About Me

My name is Lori. And I'm a glutton for details. I always have been! As a child I would plan out my whole day before getting out of bed. I wear "Type A" as a badge of honor.

So when the love-of-my-life proposed, I immediately jumped into wedding planning with ease. All of my friends (and even my wedding vendors) admired how I breezed through finding our venue, locking in dates and checking things off my list far ahead of schedule. Throughout the process many people said "You should do this for a living!"

Well, I'm not quite ready to quit my day job just yet. In the meantime, I do want to help newly engaged couples who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the thought of wedding planning. Thus, The Delightful Details is born!

Because "organized" is my middle name, I hope to share with you wedding and event planning tips, tools and real examples that I have developed and used in my own wedding planning. The process can be stressful. But, if you can stay organized, communicate with your fiancé, and know when to ask for help, this process can also be a lot of fun and memorable.

You may be thinking "Wait a minute, why should I trust your advice?" Remember that day job I mentioned. Over the last 10 years I have built a career in non-profit fundraising. In the beginning, I planned several formal galas and dinners each year to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Talk about stressful! These days I oversee the people who are managing the details, which allows me to pass on what I've learned over the years. Many of the tools I used for planning my own wedding were derived from my professional work. In the end, a wedding is just an event. It just also happens to be one of the most important events of your life.  No pressure.

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy The Delightful Details. Leave some comments. Spread the knowledge. And, I hope to learn something from you too! Most of all, don't forget to take a deep breath, enjoy being engaged and make memories.